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Dubai, which foreigners often call a paradise for a happy family life, has become a popular destination for many wealthy Russians and their families. The attractiveness of this place lies in the level of comfort and numerous advantages that the ownership of residential real estate in this city gives. One of the most significant advantages is that property owners receive a residence permit in the Emirates for the entire period of ownership. In addition, Dubai offers such attractive opportunities as the exemption of residents’ personal income from taxes, high-quality medical care, excellent education for children and other benefits.

As for residential complexes, Dubai developers offer a standard set of attractive amenities. These include a closed club area with beautiful landscapes, restaurants, bars, gyms, tennis courts, saunas, massage rooms, swimming pools, escort agencies. In addition, the apartments are equipped with household appliances and high-class interiors. Each apartment also comes with one or more parking spaces. Customer services provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

In Dubai, a lot of attention is paid to family holidays. The city’s parks play an important role in the lives of its residents, offering specially designated places for picnics, sports and various attractions. These parks are well maintained and meet the needs and preferences of families. The fact that Dubai cares about security is evidenced by the low crime rate and the absence of poverty.
The city is proud of its clean environment, efficient health care system and strong foreign policy. These achievements were achieved not only by increasing the number of police, but also thanks to active cooperation with informants in society, modern video surveillance, strict penalties for crimes, especially for drugs, theft, sexual crimes, which complies with Sharia law.


Turning to tourism and entertainment, it should be noted that Dubai offers a wide range of escort services and attractions. The integration of the city into the global business space has affected all aspects of its life. Dubai hotels are famous for a variety of international cuisine – from Japanese and Chinese to French and Italian. In addition, guests can enjoy the flavors of Arabic cuisine, including the popular Lebanese-Syrian version. In the lively areas of Bar Dubai and Deira, you can try Russian cuisine.

For history lovers, a visit to Bar Dubai is a must. There are well-preserved old buildings in this area, including the historical Bastachiy quarter, the Dubai Museum, the Shindag Watchtower, the ethnographic village and the nearby village of Pearch Hunters. To explore Deira, Dubai’s shopping paradise, you can take a ride on the Abra water taxi, which quickly transports passengers across the bay. There are attractions such as the incense market, the fish market, the Gold Souk Market, as well as the awe-inspiring Deira Tower, in which enterprises of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan are located. Another attraction of Deira is Al-Rigga Street, a two-kilometer boulevard with fashionable boutiques, cafes and eateries.

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Water sports and entertainment are incredibly popular among Dubai residents. Here everyone will find something to their liking: from windsurfing and diving to sailing and water skiing. Golf has also gained considerable popularity in Dubai, which is considered the capital of this sport in the Arab world. As for nightlife, the hotels are known for their vibrant entertainment centers, including cinemas where American and European films are shown, as well as special Indian film screenings, and lively discos, pubs, bars and nightclubs with a large selection of escort girls.

Dubai is a city that offers year-round entertainment for both its residents and guests. It is never boring in this vibrant city – from amusement parks, water parks and beautiful beaches to desert safaris, camel rides and the unique ski resort SKI Dubai. Make an unforgettable vacation with the Dubai Stars Escort agency.


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