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A small state, the United Arab Emirates, is located in the southwestern sector of the Arabian Peninsula. The prospect of spending a vacation in the UAE attracts many tourists. Below are blocks of information about this country that will help travelers think about their trip in detail.
General information about the UAE
The UAE is called the country of sheikhs. The territory of the state is washed by the waters of the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf. This is a real paradise for beach lovers. The wild nature with the finest white sand and sprawling palm trees here organically combines with modern skyscrapers and achievements of science and technology.


The essential components of a holiday in the UAE are:

  • the highest class of service in hotels and hotels;
  • Shopping;
  • warm sea and spacious beaches;
  • the opportunity to engage in extreme sports at the ski base;
  • excursions to ancient mosques and numerous local attractions;
  • a large selection of escort agencies in Dubai.

The geographical location and climate zone make the UAE an ideal place to spend your holidays at any time of the year. The thermometer does not drop below +18ยฐC. There is almost no rain here. However, experts recommend that Northerners plan holidays in the UAE between September and April to reduce the risk of sunburn and heat stroke. In the summer months, the air warms up to +50ยฐC.
There is no need to take repellents and fumigators with you on vacation in the UAE, since there are no blood-sucking insects here. Instead, it is better to bring warm blankets and sweatshirts with you, since air conditioners work in public places and in hotels in the evening and at night.

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Since the public transport network in the UAE is poorly developed, tourists need to be prepared for the fact that the main transport for them during their vacation will be a taxi. Travelers with an international driver’s license can rent a car.
The national language of the State is Arabic. Russian Russian tourists feel comfortable anywhere in the UAE, however, because signs, signs and road signs are translated into Russian, which means it will not be difficult to find a Russian escort girl.

Many buildings in the UAE do not have specific addresses. Local residents are used to navigating by neighboring objects and buildings located nearby.
In accordance with Eastern religious customs, girls are not allowed to go outside with their shoulders, knees and elbows exposed. It is also forbidden to appear on the street in clothes made of translucent fabrics. For violating the principles of the country, tourists face a fine. Hugs and kisses are prohibited in public places.

In addition, tourists should remember that it is forbidden to take photos against the background of government agencies in the UAE. If you want to take a souvenir photo with someone from the local residents, you must definitely ask this person for permission to shoot.
Local time is 1 hour ahead of Moscow time. The days off in the UAE are Friday and Saturday. Government offices are closed these days. On Thursday, such institutions are open only until lunch.
Before the trip, you should carefully check which things you decided to take on the trip. At the customs, the staff will take away from tourists any items produced in Israel, as well as items with the logo of this country. In accordance with customs legislation, it is prohibited to transport antique objects, cultural values, narcotic substances and weapons across borders. Also, after the rest, tourists will not be able to take a palm tree, the leaves of their favorite exotic plants or their seeds with them to their homeland.
Persons under the age of 21 are allowed to stay in the United Arab Emirates only accompanied by their parents or legal representatives.

Features of national cuisine
Seafood is the mainstay of the menu in the UAE. During your vacation, it’s worth a try:

  • lobsters cooked in various ways;
  • different varieties of fish;
  • shellfish;
  • hearty chickpea snacks;
  • kebabs;
  • dates and exotic fruits;
  • Camel milk ice cream.
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Visa regime
Travelers who plan to stay in the Emirates for 3 months or more should take care of obtaining a visa. If a Russian buys a ticket to one of the hotels in this country for a shorter period, then you do not need to apply for a visa. In order to legally rest in the UAE, you only need to go through a simple check-in procedure at the airport: an authorized person puts a free pass stamp in the traveler’s passport after checking his documents.
The best resorts
There are many resort places in the UAE. The best among them are considered to be:

  1. Dubai. This resort is in great demand among Russian tourists. Since it has a developed infrastructure, equipped beaches and many historical and cultural sites, the prices for holidays here are the highest in comparison with prices in the rest of the Emirates. The only way to save some money is to choose a hotel located far from the coastline.
    Additional information: The flight from Moscow to this resort will take 5 hours. As a rule, tourists planning to spend their holidays in other parts of the UAE initially arrive in Dubai anyway, and then by transfer they get to the booked hotel in other cities of the resort state.
  2. Abu Dhabi. It is the largest emirate in the UAE. It is here that the capital of the state is located. There are many attractions for tourists: camel racing, car racing, extreme water activities, attractions and vip escorts. In local cafes, tourists can appreciate the taste of national dishes. It is noteworthy that the best beach in the UAE โ€“ Public Beach โ€“ is located just on the territory of this emirate. In addition, foreigners often come to Abu Dhabi on business, because there are many companies cooperating with other countries.
  3. Sharjah. The cost of a holiday in this emirate is relatively low. However, when planning to spend a vacation here, tourists should remember that the local population is deeply religious Muslims, so there are numerous restrictions here. For example, alcohol is strictly prohibited in Sharjah. This emirate is ideal for a secluded, relaxing family vacation. Families with young children often come here.
  4. Ajman. It is a small emirate that hides inside the Emirate of Sharjah. It is advisable to purchase a ticket to one of the hotels in this emirate for curious and active individuals who do not like the usual daily routine and monotony. Arriving in Ajman, travelers will be able to visit not only Sharjah, but also Abu Dhabi, Dubai and see many historical and cultural sites located outside the tourist areas.
  5. Fujairah. This resort is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Diving and snorkeling are typical activities for tourists here. All the necessary equipment for scuba diving is provided to tourists free of charge. In addition, a vacation here will give travelers amazingly beautiful photos to remember, since on the territory of the emirate the golden beaches are surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, surrounded by emerald greenery. You can buy a ticket for an excursion and walk to the mineral springs accompanied by an experienced guide.
  6. Ras Al Khaimah. This emirate is not in great demand among tourists, although it has everything you need for a holiday. Since there is no developed infrastructure here, travelers can only count on high-quality hotel service and a wonderful beach holiday.
  7. Umm Al-Quwain. The tourist infrastructure of this small emirate is under development. Therefore, for those who are not ready to spend large sums on vacation, you can book a hotel here. Of course, the list of entertainment will be very limited, but tourists will be able to comfortably relax by the sea and enjoy privacy.
    Most hotels in the UAE have a deposit settlement system. This means that when checking into a hotel, tourists must leave a security deposit, which is a kind of guarantee of the safety of the property of the hotel. The deposit amount can be very large, but this money, subject to the safety of furniture, interior items, dishes and bed linen, will be returned to the tourist after the end of the holiday.
    In general, local authorities are doing their best to keep the territory of the UAE in perfect condition, so a tourist can be fined for a wrapper thrown on the ground or garbage left on a bench.

In addition, tourists planning to relax in Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah and Abu Dhabi need to be prepared to pay a tax for recreational leisure. This tax will be charged at the hotel when paying for the room. In other resorts of the UAE, the tourist tax is not charged yet.
On the territory of the UAE, the water supply system cannot be used as a source of drinking water. To quench your thirst, you need to buy bottled water.

The main attractions of the UAE
It is worth visiting the UAE not only for the sake of beach holidays and shopping, but also for the sake of elite mistresses in Dubai. This country has a rich historical and cultural heritage. During a trip to the UAE, you must definitely see:

  • dead cities and ruins of ancient fortresses;
  • majestic modern skyscrapers, the design of which organically combines metal, plastic and glass;
  • the most beautiful embankments;
  • Magnificent park areas that are ideal for walking and family activities;
  • Oriental bazaars.
    Dubai is famous for such attractions as:
  • Dubai Mall, which has a huge aquarium;
  • SKI DUBAI Ski Resort;
  • Bastakia is an old town where you can see houses built of clay by ancient inhabitants;
  • gold market;
  • The Burj Khalifa skyscraper, which has an observation deck.
    Arriving in Abu Dhabi, you need to visit such notable sites as:
  • Corniche Embankment;
  • Arab Park on Yas Island;
  • Ferrari World Park;
  • escort agency;
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque.
    The main attractions of Sharjah are:
  • Al-Kasbah is an amazingly beautiful area for leisurely walks;
  • a deserted park;
  • Fort Al-Hish.
    For those who have chosen Fujairah or Ras Al Khaimah as a vacation destination, it is worth visiting such sites as:
  • healing mineral springs;
  • mango reserve;
  • The Sheikh’s palace in Al Ain.

Thus, people go to the Emirates not only to swim and sunbathe, but also to have fun in great company, riding ATVs and jeeps, yachts or even a hot air balloon. As souvenirs, tourists often bring home sweets and chocolates made with the addition of camel milk, dates, bottles of colored sand, hookahs, carpets, jewelry and pleasant memories.


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