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A couple of decades ago, tourists from Russia traveled to Dubai only to make various purchases. Today, this modern city is a respectable area for leisure activities, evoking similarities with royal palaces.
Dubai has a large number of districts, but three of them are oriented towards vacationers:

  • Deira, with its many stores;
  • Bar Dubai;
  • Jumeirah – the most attractive, there are a lot of expensive mansions and hotels.
    There is a joke that roads in Dubai will soon be covered with gold. It has arisen for a reason – the local population puts it on personal vehicles, plumbing fixtures and other household items, supplemented with diamonds.
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Geographical location
To begin with, it is worth understanding the location of the Arab Emirates. They are located on the opposite shore of the Persian Gulf from Iran. Here, in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula and is located Dubai. It is the economic and commercial capital of the entire Middle East and the Arab Emirates.

How do I get to Dubai?
The easiest option is by air. Tickets without a transfer are more expensive, however, the travel time with this choice is about 5 hours. Moscow airports regularly send those wishing to travel in this direction. The cost of a flight is determined by the holiday season. Dubai airport is spacious and comfortable, all the necessary procedures do not last long (about half an hour). A cab can take you to the hotel.


Weather conditions
The climate in Dubai is dry and hot, due to this fact it is not very comfortable all year round, especially in summer. There is practically no rainfall.
The water is quite cool (+20°C) until the beginning of spring, but towards the end of spring it starts to warm up. The maximum water temperature is in August (+ 33 ° C). The optimal period in the UAE, according to most tourists, is March-April.
In winter the air temperature ranges from +7°C to +24°C, in summer +35-50°C. Because of the daily heat in Dubai, even public transportation stops are equipped with air conditioners. Sandstorms occur from time to time.

A guide or guidebook will help you to get acquainted with the local culture.
When experiencing difficulties in choosing “How to call an escort in Dubai?”, pay attention to the recommendations of other tourists – most of them agree that such a place is the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building on the planet. It is estimated at $1.5 billion. It took 6 years to build 163 floors. In fact, Burj Khalifa is a mini-city with its parks and alleys. It houses offices, gyms, hotels, an observation deck with a Jacuzzi, residential properties, swimming pools and a restaurant. Not far from the building is a musical fountain. Its length is 275 meters.
A worthy place among the attractions among the guests of the city is occupied by the “Burj el-Arab”, the highest hotel of the Earth – more than 300 meters. Having the shape of a sail, it denotes the maritime power of the Emirates. The hotel is mounted on 250 columns underground. Its construction cost the sheikhs $1 billion. Inside the building there are luxurious fountains, transparent walls with outlandish fish, rooms of the highest standard, fitness center, landing platform, swimming pools. The cost of renting a room is from $2000. The design of “Burj el-Arab” is made by English and Italian marble and very expensive details from precious metals.
If you have a desire to buy something, we recommend visiting the shopping festival. Its debut celebration in 1996 was attended by 1.5 million visitors. It is held in late winter or early spring. The size of discounts sometimes reaches 70%, and by participating in the raffle, there is an opportunity to become the owner of a car. For example, at the premiere of the event was raffled 43 “Lexus” and 40 kilograms of gold.
Vacationers also like to spend time in “Wild Wadi” – the leading water park in the area, located in the most prestigious area of the city.

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There are many beaches in Dubai and each one is attractive in its own way. Leisure time on them is quite combined with other entertainment. Free travel from hotels to beaches is available only by public transportation.
Jumeirah Beach – medium-sized, with not coarse sand and small pebbles. The beach is framed by a park, with the aforementioned Wild Wadi water park nearby.
Marina Beach is partly connected to the city by subway, there is also an opportunity to get here by cab. The beach is fringed by skyscrapers, and next to it is a bay of breathtaking beauty.
Al Mamzar is tidy, with light-colored sand and azure water. Admission to the beach area is approximately AED 5.

Active recreation
In order to attract holidaymakers, the city places a notable emphasis on the promotion of sports. Dubai has a large number of golf and soccer courses, diving centers, tennis courts and yacht clubs. There is also an opportunity to play bowling and soar above the city on a hydroplane.
Thrill seekers are offered:

  • diving;
  • jet skis;
  • shark feeding;
  • swimming in the company of marine life;
  • fishing in the open sea;
  • diving from a tower in the bay with sharks at local water parks.

Dubai nightlife
Luxury hotels, towering buildings, singing fountains with beautiful lighting, perfect pavement – everything shines and glitters. Which place in the city to visit will be hinted by your mindset. Many nightclubs, bars and restaurants are waiting for you to visit. They are located mostly in hotels, where you can rent a prostitute in Dubai. Or you can take a walk around Dubai at night and enjoy its beauty, including observation from observation decks.
During Ramadan, catering establishments do not open until sunset and nightclubs do not open at all. The use of food, drinks and tobacco in the street during this time is prohibited and is punishable by a fine of up to 2,500 dirhams or imprisonment for up to 2 months.

Useful facts:

  • There is no alcohol in the city’s stores, its consumption is fraught with the risk of a clash with the police;
  • no eating or smoking is allowed in the subway and will incur a penalty of AED 100;
  • cafes and stores are not open on Friday;
  • the dress code for tourists is not burdensome.


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