Erotic tongue massage at the Dubai-Stars salon


Soothing music, semiโ€“darkness, gentle touches – sounds attractive, doesn’t it? Now imagine that you are not only being caressed with your hands, but also gently touching your hot skin with your lips and running your tongue, causing tremors throughout your body. We are sure that you will enjoy such pleasure even more. Erotic massage in Dubai using the tongue is one of the most popular procedures in massage parlors. Experienced craftsmen can make a man just squirm with pleasure.
However, oral massage can become part of the foreplay between partners at home, bringing new sensations and intimacy to the relationship. Gentle kisses on the erogenous zones of the body can cause incredible sensations and warm up desire.


How to give pleasure to a man with the help of language? Intimate massage requires the creation of an erotic atmosphere so that nothing prevents you from immersing yourself in pleasure. Provide the room with warmth, comfort and tranquility. Light scented candles with exciting scents, turn on slow and gentle music, invite your partner to undress and settle down on a comfortable surface.


Do not rush to start oral massage for a man right away. Start by massaging his body with gentle and smooth movements using massage oil. Gradually increase the pace and strength of the pressure. When he relaxes, proceed to the main part of the massage. Carefully monitor the reaction and movements of your partner, pay attention to his desires in order to accurately identify the most sensitive places, touching which with a hot tongue brings the most pleasure.

If you prefer a more intense experience, try the erotic massage “Mistress”.
Play with his feelings, starting with his chest and gently biting his nipples, then move down his stomach and focus on the inner surfaces of his thighs, where the erogenous zones are concentrated. Once you feel that he is ready for the next step, proceed to genital stimulation. Vary the intensity of stimulation from gentle and light to strong and persistent.
When you feel that a man is approaching orgasm, reduce the pressure and concentrate on more gentle touches. After the tension subsides a little, increase the intensity. This technique will help to prolong the pleasure, creating exciting sensations that will pass through the man’s body from head to toe.


Intimate massage using the tongue can be varied by experimenting with the difference in temperature. Try to take an ice cube in your lips and run it over your partner’s warmed-up body. Then take a sip of hot tea and touch the same places with your tongue. Contrast in temperature will enhance the pleasure of tactile sensations to the limit.
Discuss the experience after the massage with your partner. Ask him what he liked the most and what moments did not give him the desired pleasure. Find out what techniques he prefers, and how gentle or intense you should be. Frank conversations will help you not only satisfy each other in the future, but also strengthen your relationship.

We also recommend trying joint experiments that will bring you closer together – intimate massage for couples.
Oral massage for women
For the fairer sex, longer and more sensual foreplay is important. Erotic massage is one of the best gifts that you can give your beloved. Create a suitable atmosphere in the room and realize the role of a massage therapist who is ready to relieve his partner from sexual tension. This will not only excite her, but also let her know how deeply and tenderly you feel for her.


If you decide to pay attention to a lady in the form of an erotic tongue massage, you will be able to turn her on so much that she will not resist. Women appreciate gentle caresses, body kisses and soft tongue touches. The main thing is not to overdo it, do not turn into a cat and act carefully, adding your own lips and fingers, but hiding your teeth. Focus on erogenous zones and sensitive areas.
Start with the earlobes, as there are many points here, the stimulation of which is enjoyable. Go to the neck, kissing it so that your partner starts making voluptuous sounds of pleasure. Try to suck her index finger a little while looking into her eyes. Then switch to the breasts, one of the most sensitive erogenous zones in women. Caress the nipples gently, biting them with your lips for more thrills. Draw circles on the areoles with your tongue, enjoying how your partner feels waves of pleasure and goosebumps.
Slowly move down your stomach and dip your tongue into your navel, which also needs gentle caresses. At this time, you can caress the inside of your thighs with your hands so that the lady is even more excited. When you reach her womb, she will already be fully ready for the next stage.


Massage parlors also offer erotic massage using the tongue. Oral massage techniques are included in many relaxation programs. You can also order an intimate massage, which includes a tongue massage in addition to the main session.
Among the most popular oral massage techniques:

Sakura branch.
A geisha kiss.
A French kiss.

Despite the differences in technique, they are all designed to give erotic pleasure to a man and help him relax as much as possible. Choose the scenario that brings you the most pleasure, relax and enjoy the moments of incredible erotic relaxation and passionate sensations from the touches of the masseuse’s hot tongue.

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