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The Emirate of Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates, is the most populated territorial entity, and in area is second only to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Thanks to the well-oriented policy of the emirate, the amount of income from attracting tourists in it is almost equal to the amount received from oil production.
And all because there really is something to see here, because it’s not for nothing that Dubai is called the emirate of wonders.

The first thing that attracts travelers from all over the world is complexes of artificial islands, the first of which – “Palm Islands” – is several archipelagos in the form of a trunk and crown of palm trees, on which a whole complex of buildings and structures will soon be located, including about a hundred hotels and entertainment attractions.
The second archipelago is a world consisting of 300 islands forming a map of the globe. These islands will not be connected to the mainland, as was done with the previous ones, but will become an independent unit in the tourist map.


The Emirate is famous for embodying advanced engineering solutions that concern not only artificial islands, but also architecture. The most mysterious and tallest buildings are located here. “Sail” and “Dubai Tower” are already exciting the views of guests of the Arabian Peninsula, but even more exciting buildings are on the way, for example, a skyscraper completely devoid of windows or a hotel in the form of a wheel, for which you will have to create a small ledge in the sea.

After visiting the city, you can safely go to a huge water park that knows no rivals all over the world! 5 hectares of attractions that remind of the fabulous travels of Sinbad the sailor. For thrill-seekers, the water park offers a water slide, the speed of movement along which the tanned body of the vacationer reaches 80 kilometers per hour.

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For children of all ages and adults who have not lost their positive outlook on the world, Dubai provides the Wonderland carousel park, consisting of land and sea parts, at its disposal. Go–karting, scuba diving, roller coasters and showing films on a water screen – the day flies by in one breath, but there is no regret about the time spent.

Dubai Zoo – all the animals of the desert and not only. There are representatives of fauna that cannot be found in another similar institution – Bengal tigers, Arab wolves, Syrian bears, Arab sand snake. With your photos, you will overturn even the inveterate skeptics who will question your words.
After a busy day, you definitely need to go with a basket of food to Safa Park, designed specifically for outdoor picnics. Having refreshed yourself, you can play football, tennis, or rollerblading and skateboarding on the paths built for these purposes.
Despite the fact that the Emirate of Dubai is part of a Muslim country, nightlife is very developed here. Nightclubs with a stunningly interesting program and crowds of vip escorts for everyone, with them you will have a stormy night as soon as the hot sun sets. You are waiting for pleasant sex dating, sparkling laughter, dancing and fun to the pain in your legs! Be sure to visit Garage, the haven of hedonists from all corners of the spinning ball called Earth. You can choose a club for every taste – by age category, national orientation, genre of music and program. It’s going to be a hot night for everyone!


But it’s time to get out to sea, otherwise, what kind of vacation is it in the UAE, when the skin has never felt the touch of warm and gentle salty waves. Stunning beaches filled with sand of various fractions, from pebbles to the smallest white dust, in which the feet are buried up to the ankles, are ready to take your bodies to rest, and cover them with a golden coating with the help of the heavenly body. Each beach has a developed infrastructure, including recreation areas, playgrounds, pools for the youngest, restaurants and much, much more.
For those who love the spray of salty drops, the wind and the vastness of the horizon, there are sea clubs focused on cruises and boat trips, and you can take the helm in your own hands and feel like a real captain. The sea can be viewed not only from above, but also from the inside. Numerous diving centers will help in this, which will train beginners and tell professionals the best reefs and places on the Dubai water map. All the richness of the seabed with its inhabitants, no less curious than tourists, will open to your view.

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If you have a desire not only to look at the sea world, but also to taste it, then your way lies to the fishing lovers club. Fast boats, competent instructors, professional gear – there is simply not a single fish that you like, there is not a single chance to stay free. Any specimen you catch can be cooked and feel like a breadwinner in the truest sense of the word.
Active recreation and slow frying on the beach is ideally combined with a trip to local shops and markets, which can surprise even a hardened shopaholic. They represent almost all the goods produced by mankind, seriously! Deira City Centre Mall is a shopping mall, which is better to enter, armed with a tent and a hammock, as there is a real opportunity to spend more than one day here, passing through countless rows.

The East is famous for its gold products and stones, and every visitor to the Emirate of Dubai has the opportunity to see and purchase untold riches at Gold Souk, the jewelry market. Ali Baba’s cave is just a small shop compared to the pieces of jewelry art laid out here. There are also specialized markets in Dubai that operate in fairly narrow areas – fish, souvenir, spice market and many others that can satisfy the most refined taste.
The Emirate of Dubai will be remembered for a lifetime, and you will tell your grandchildren and great-grandchildren about the trip there, infecting them with a craving for this amazing place.

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